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Speaker: Klaus Deininger

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Klaus Deininger is Lead Economist at the Development Research Group pf the World Bank. His areas of research focus is on income and asset inequality and its relationship to poverty reduction and growth. Access to land, land markets and land reform and their impact on household welfare and agricultural productivity play a major role in reducing poverty. Land tenure and its impact on investment, including environmental sustainability in turn are core economic factors for growth but also a better livelihood. In his blog Klaus Deininger says that: "Advances in earth observation, computing power, and connectivity have tremendous potential to help governments, and us at the World Bank, support better land management, and ultimately reduce poverty and promote shared prosperity." In a recent interview with Geospatial Media he further notes that: "...we are increasingly helping countries to develop Open Source solutions to make sure that they can be maintained in the long run." Klaus Deininger is a German national with a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota, an MA in Agricultural Economics from the University of Berlin, and an MA in theology from the University of Bonn.