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Speaker: Bianca Hoersch

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Bianca, a German national, has been working at ESA’s Earth Observation Centre in Frascati, Italy, since 2004. As Third Party Mission Manager, Bianca has been responsible for ensuring access to Earth observation data from a wide range of partners around the globe, among them NASA, JAXA, ISRO, and KARI, interacting also with commercial data providers, European governments and user organisations.
In 2015, as Mission Manager of the Sentinel-2 Copernicus Mission, Bianca took over the end-to-end project responsibility for the satellites' exploitation phase.

Bianca received a PhD in natural sciences from the University of Bonn, Germany, in a thesis with specialisation on high mountain remote sensing, geo-informatics and digital-elevation-models, supported by DLR and a scholarship of the German Research Council/DfG.