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Speaker: Alireza Jazayeri (Development Seed)

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Alireza is an engineer that likes solving hard technical challenges and building tools that matter. He has extensive experience with acquisition and processing of satellite imagery in particular Landsat program. He is the creator and main developer of landsat-util, a command line utility that makes it easy to search, download, and process Landsat imagery. Alireza develops data pipeline APIs and raster processing workflows. He is one of the main Developers of's API.

He has worked on a number of data acquisition and processing pipelines including Pillbox Engine, OpenStreetMap Meta API and Landsat API. He also works on automating infrastructure on Amazon or Heroku, optimizing storage and processing of large data sets and finding ways to work better, smarter, and faster. Alireza has a masters in Information Technology from Virginia Tech and has a background in mining engineering and journalism.