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Speaker: Gérald Fenoy (GeoLabs SARL)

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Gérald Fenoy obtained his Master degree in Computer Science for University of Montpellier II. After graduation he worked in a private company as a developer for Web-GIS application and PostGIS based system integration.

He later established his company ""GeoLabs"" in 2006 and has done several projects in France and overseas. He has been actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies through training workshops and publications. At Geolabs he created the API for OOCMS (Object Oriented ContentManagement System) which is a powerful document and map production system using OpenOffice UNO server and FOSS4G tools. He is a regular participant and contributor to FOSS4G International Conferences.

He is presently working on implementing the ZOO-Project, an OWS Platform in C++. His present research interests are distributed geospatial web services and cloud computing.