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Speaker: Alexey Valikov (DB Systel GmbH, a Deutsche Bahn Company)

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Alexey is an insider in both open-source community as well as in the corporate world of matrix organisations.

In the daylight, Alexey is a senior architect for one of the world's leading passenger and logistics company, Deutsche Bahn (German Railways). One of his core competence areas is individual development of GIS and geospatially-enabled applications which heavily use open-source stack including GeoServer, OpenLayers and LeafletJS.

At night, Alexey turns into an open-source enthusiast who develops and leads a number of OS projects. For example, XML-JS converter Jsonix and the (unofficial) OGC Schemas Project which makes OGC specifications more usable in Java and JavaScript projects.

These two sides makes Alexey a "railways hacker". He took part in all of the Deutsche Bahn Hackathons, became an Open Data activist for German Railways, on a mission to promote Open Data and Open APIs, making Deutsche Bahn more open.