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Speaker: Dami Sonoiki (eHealth Africa)

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Dami specialises in creating location-based solutions that improve business performance and profitability. These solutions leverage on location data to uncover hidden trends and patterns in business and operational data to generate business insights that lead to faster and smarter decision-making.

His experiences span across data collection, data processing, data automation and transformation, analytics and visualisation.
He currently works with eHealth Africa, leading an amazing team of GIS and Data Specialists to building geospatial solutions to solve public health problems mainly to improve public health initiatives and social inclusion in West Africa.

At eHealth Africa, he has worked on projects to support polio eradication, supply chain optimisation for vaccine delivery and fight against ebola in West Africa. He executes projects with teams across Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia

Prior to eHealth Africa, he spent over 3 years Dotted Eyes as a Geospatial Consultant and Project Manager, where he provided data management services to large and small companies to improve business performance. He was part of a team of 6 to build miso, an online data-sharing UK startup specialised in automating slow, tedious, repetitive data-related tasks and processes. Building miso helped him discover his entrepreneurial passion.

At miso, he led a team to develop DataPublisher, an INSPIRE geospatial data platform to seamlessly host, automatically publish data and create web services to UK's for over 40 local authorities in the UK.

He worked with the business analytics team at Binley's where he developed location analytics and business intelligence solutions to BinleysOnline and powered marketing insights for retail and pharmaceutical clients.

He worked with University College London and Transport for London to develop model and application to analyse and reduce traffic congestion on London roads using Spatio-Temporal Data Mining techniques and published a scientific paper in the Cartographic Journal.

He has developed location analytics and data-driven solutions for several organisations in Europe in the NHS, Local Government, Central Government, Marine, Insurance, Financial, Telecommunications, Health, Transport and Environmental sectors.

He is a Chartered Geomatics Surveyor with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and a Certified FME Professional with Safe Software Inc. He has a BSc in Surveying and Geoinformatics from the University of Lagos and MSc in Geographic Information Science from University College London.