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Speaker: Silvia Franceschi (HydroloGIS - Free University of Bolzano)

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I have a MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2003) and first level master in Project Management at University of Padova (2004), now PhD of Mountain Environmental and Agriculture at the Free University of Bolzano (Italy).
I am specialized in hydrology, geomorphology, hydraulics and forestry, and I contributed to the development of both distributed and semi-distributed hydrological applications. I am also a co-founder of HydroloGIS where I mainly work on engineering projects, from data collection to simulation and environmental analysis.
In general I am a power user of GFOSS GIS tools and actively contribute to the JGrasstools, Geopaparazzi and recently to gvSIG projects.
I do training courses on a regular basis for professionals and university classes.