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Speaker: Joana Simoes (GeoCat)

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Joana is a software engineer and data scientist, with a strong background on geospatial technologies and algorithms. Joana was first exposed to Geonetwork, when she was working in FAO, and recently she joined the Geocat Team as a senior developer.
Throughout her career, she has mostly focused on customizing and applying Free and Open Source technologies to solve problems in a wide range of domains such as Smart Cities, Fisheries Stock Management or Disease Outbreak Modelling; she also enjoys coding low-level, generic, algorithms, and during her PhD she created a specific evolution of a quadtree for indexing vector data.Although Joana has accumulated a large experience with object oriented languages and relational databases, she is always interested in picking up new technologies. Lately she has been involved in the challenges of dealing with unstructured information, real-time or near-real time streams of data, and scaling systems to store and manage large volumes of information (Big Data).