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Speaker: Brent Wood (National Institute of Water and Atrmospheric Research (NIWA) New Zealand)

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Brent Wood has been using computers to support spatial data management and analysis since the early 1980's, so has seen a few changes over the years. He was an early adopter of Open Source from the first days of PC MOSS and GRASS GIS.

He started work in the mid-1970's as a fisheries research technician, and has moved from collecting data, to managing, analysing and writing up the results. He is a councillor of the New Zealand Open Source Society, organises the New Zealand QGIS User Group, and co-organises a local Postgres User Group. Over the years he has used a range of FOSS GIS tools, generally in the marine space, but also atmospheric and terrestrial.

He has a role at NIWA as "Programme Leader for Information Delivery", developing best practice strategies for NIWA and with other agencies in New Zealand for enabling data sharing and interoperability, very much relying on open standards and open source to support open data.