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Speaker: Peter Neubauer (Mapillary AB)

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I am co-founder of Mapillary, Neo Technology and a number of popular Open Source projects such as Neo4j, OPS4J and Qi4j.

I love to connect things, write novel prototypes and throw together new ideas and projects around big data and society-scale innovation.
Right now, I am concentrating on starting up - a project to provide a crowd sourced, public (street) view of the planet powered by smartphones, action cams and professional rigs
I am a Mentor helping startups at Startupbootcamp Copenhagen, Berlin and at Mozilla WebFD. I like to teach programming to kids at CoderDojo Malmö and organize events like TEDx Öresund and LAN-parties for kids like

If you want brainstorming - feed me a latte and we are in business :)