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lecture: PROBA-V mission exploitation platform

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In januari, the European Space Agency launched the first version of the PROBA-V mission exploitation platform. This platform, which is fully operated by VITO Remote Sensing, has the goal to simplify the use of open remote sensing data which should eventually result in operational applications that benefit society.
Exploitation platforms are the way of the future to handle the ever increasing volumes of remote sensing data, and at VITO we believe that the use of Open Source software is the only way to collaborate on this shared vision.
In this talk, first I want to give a general overview on what users can do with the PROBA-V MEP. This involves using an Openstack VM loaded with FOSS software and direct access to the dataset, to access an Hadoop cluster where a user can distribute his processing using Spark.
Secondly, I want to show how we are using Geotrellis to support interactive queries on the full timeseries of remote sensing data that is available in the platform. Also showing how this can be done from within an interactive Scala notebook in the browser.


Day: 2016-08-24
Start time: 12:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Plenary Office