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lecture: deegree Enterprise - Open Source to get a grip on complex spatial data infrastructure demands

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deegree surely is one of the most mature OSGeo projects. Its OGC web services are comprehensive and some of them even are reference implementations. When it comes to building spatial data infrastructures like INSPIRE you need a little bit more than spatial data and services. You need a whole infrastructure capable to meet high performance goals and 24x7 availability, which has to comply to strict Service Level Agreements. In short: you need a comprehensive software stack containing tools for service and data management along with metadata and user management tools for publishing spatial data in a trusted and secure environment are needed along with appropriate monitoring tools to assure the infrastructures availability.

The deegree community project did not provide this functionality yet and that was why two German companies grit and lat/lon joined forces to build the “deegree Enterprise Edition”. deegree Enterprise Edition contains all the tools mentioned above. Further on it includes appropriate contracts offering software maintenance and professional support. These contracts offer the same support and performance as maintenance contracts for proprietary software do and fully meet the requirements of the maintenance contracts used in the German Public Sector.

Nevertheless deegree Enterprise Edition is still open source. But it is open source with guaranteed SLAs. Such it offers an opportunity to all organisations under INSPIRE obligations to professionally operate INSPIRE.

The presentation shows:

  • the motivation to build deegree Enterprise

  • how the deegree Enterprise Edition differs from the community edition

  • how the business model is working

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Day: 2016-08-25
Start time: 09:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Tunnel