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lecture: Building an open source imagery browser: UX and technical decisions to develop OpenAerialMap

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Last summer the new OpenAerialMap launched. OpenAerialMap (OAM) is now providing access to open satellite, aerial, and UAV imagery around the world. Users can search through a web-based map browser, conduct geographic queries to an API, upload imagery to publish openly licensed imagery, and process imagery into tile map services.

Searching through many sources of imagery in a usable way was one of the biggest challenges we saw when designing the system. We knew usability was going to be critical to the adoption and success of OAM so we created a new type of grid interaction to search and find imagery. This talk will present the design and technical build process for developing the new OAM map browser and the open source tools that power the system. We'll discuss our UX experiments and how they influenced the build process, and talk about how and why we used React JS to build a grid-based imagery browser.

The OAM community of open source tools is growing over the next year. We'll also provide a recap of the roadmap for the next year and how anyone can get involved.

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Day: 2016-08-24
Start time: 11:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Plenary Office