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lecture: OSM Stats: Rewarding contributors and real-time tracking of OSM

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Mapathons are an increasingly effective way to get data into OpenStreetMap. The Missing Maps project hosts mapathons to increase the amount of data in areas that don't have large local OSM communities. The American Red Cross and Development Seed have built an analytics platform that tracks user trends in real-time and rewards contributors for their efforts, as can be seen at

OSM-stats tracks user's activity, consistency and relative reputation, reporting detailed metrics and awarding a variety of themed badges based on the type and magnitude of contributions. Badges range from simple tasks ("Add 4 roads") to challenging ("Map in 10 countries"). Leaderboard pages display up to date detail on the most active users for a current project, while hashtag groupings display statistics to be separated out, allowing tracking of groups. A map of each users commits can be seen, as can a map view indicating the last 100 changes.

Most of the contributions for the Missing Maps project occur during mapathons where hundreds of volunteers submit edits and additions over a couple of hours. This means that the system needs to handle large spikes of activity when thousands of edits are added. We deployed the OSM-stats components using AWS Lambda functions and Kinesis streams. These scale very well to meet the needs of Mapathons and incur minimal cost when not in use.

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Day: 2016-08-26
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Rhine Lobby