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lecture: Hosting vector tile maps on your own server

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Custom styled map of the whole world served from your server? Easy!

This talk shows examples of practical use of the vector tiles downloaded from the OSM2VectorTiles project or other tiles in MVT format.

A new open-source project called TileServer GL is going to be presented. This project serves JSON map styles into web applications powered by MapBox GL JS library as well as into native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.

The same style can be rendered on server side (with the OpenGL acceleration) into good old raster tiles to ensure compatibility and portability. Maps can be opened in various viewers such as Leaflet, OpenLayers, QGIS or ArcGIS.

Alternatively it is possible to use a tileserver powered by Mapnik to render the raster tiles out of vector tiles and existing CartoCSS styles made in MapBox Studio Classic.

Other approaches for independent hosting and using of vector tiles are going to be presented as well.

Links to project:


Day: 2016-08-26
Start time: 15:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Plenary Chamber