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lecture: Sat-utils: Landsat, Sentinel and the use of open raster data

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Open satellite data from the US and EU have provided scientists and businesses with a wealth of data, but it can be difficult to fully easily access and process it. Recent efforts to put Sentinel-2 data on AWS S3 along with Landsat-8 has made it easier to build tools to access both data sources.

At Development Seed, we are building tools called sat-utils to process and access open raster data like Landsat and Sentinel. We've expanded development on the tools to be a suite of Python libraries and command line tools for querying, downloading, managing, and processing other remote sensing data.

It's been two years since we've launched the first sat-util, landsat-util, which has proven to be a valuable tool with a growing user base. sentinel-util is an tool that will provide the same easy access to data that landsat-util provides.

We will discuss the processing for turning spectral band data into usable products such as color corrected RGB images, radiance data, top of the atmosphere reflectance, and various indices. We will also demonstrate the available APIs we have for open raster data: sentinel-api and landsat-api, that our client utils use for searching available metadata.

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Day: 2016-08-24
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room Bonn