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lecture: GeoExt3 — Universal WebGIS applications with OpenLayers 3 und ExtJS 6

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The talk introduces GeoExt 3 [1] including a short introduction to the parent libraries ExtJS [2] and OpenLayers [3]. At the beginning the thematic focus is on the main features of the libraries / frameworks before it is shifted to the development of 'universal' WebGIS applications. 'Universal' in this context means a GeoExt 3 based application, which runs on classic desktop browsers as well as on mobile devices (tablets and phones) with an optimized usability.

Especially with GeoExt 3 and its new foundation framework ExtJS 6 the development of such 'universal' applications is easily possible by one code base without duplicating code. OpenLayers 3, the other base library, is device independent from the beginning.

So the talk will present the GeoExt 3 library itself and will also show a concrete application example. By this example the basic conditions of a GeoExt 'universal' app are shown as well as how the libraries and tools (such as Sencha Cmd [4]) help in the development process.

The presenters Christian Mayer (meggsimum) und Marc Jansen (terrestris) are both core developers and members of Project Steering Committee of GeoExt.





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Day: 2016-08-25
Start time: 09:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room Berlin