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lecture: IWRM* in Mongolia (MoMo): Managing geodata with SHOGun and empowering the people

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Mongolia is a huge country sandwiched between Russia in the North and China in the south with a particularly harsh climate. Temperatures in winter reach -40°C and the originally nomadic way of life is disappearing fast. Rich in natural resources, many stakeholders compete for water whose supply is also subject to rapid change. An ideal setting to research water related problems also affecting many other regions of the world.

Currently in the 3rd three year phase the MoMo-project, funded by the Germany Ministry of Education and Research, has implemented an open source spatial data infrastructure using the SHOGun framework that utilises Spring, Hibernate, OpenLayers and GeoExt amongst others. The focus of the current phase is on capacity development so this talk is a showcase for employing open source geospatial software in a development context.

  • IWRM stands for Integrated Water Resources Management

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Day: 2016-08-26
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Fireplace Room