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lecture: Implementing Open Geospatial Data Portals with CKAN, pycsw and PublicaMundi: the case

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PublicaMundi is a successfully completed EU FP7-ICT project aiming to make open geospatial data easier to discover, reuse, and share by fully supporting their complete publishing lifecycle in open data catalogues. PublicaMundi extends and integrates leading open source software for open data publishing and geospatial data management. In particular, PublicaMundi extends CKAN, the leading open data catalogue, into treating geospatial data as “first-class citizens” and providing automatic OGC- and INSPIRE-compliant access to geospatial data, through integration with pycsw, rasdaman, ZOO-Project, GeoServer, MapServer, PostGIS and GDAL. PublicaMundi was recently deployed to to serve as the main open geospatial data catalogue of the Greek government. The production system provides multilingual data access to data publishers, open data users, and developers through the main catalogue, an integrated mapping application, and various APIs (CKAN, data, mapping and OGC APIs). This presentation will provide an overview of the production system, the cloud infrastructure used and future developments.

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Day: 2016-08-26
Start time: 12:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Rhine Lobby