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lecture: Trying to visualize GIS & BIM information on the web: a solution using Leaflet and Cesium

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While GIS is a term whose use has now been consolidated for years now, BIM is a term whose use is increasingly widespread over the past few years.
The both deal with geo-localized "objects", so the ongoing studies for a common point of the GIS and BIM different views of the same object is somewhat unavoidable.
A first attempt at integration information belonging from these two worlds is presently under way in the framework of EU funded DIMMER project.
This project integrates BIM, district level 3D models with near-real time data from sensors and user feedback in order to analyze and correlate buildings utilization, and to provide information about energy-related behaviors to users and other stakeholders.
From the point of view of technology, the project uses open source technologies such as Java, Leaflet and Cesium, as far as GIS is concerned: here you're an architectural schema.
The web application integrated GIS data read directly from a POSTGIS data base, with data flows from BIM services, near-real time data from sensors distributed over the territory under examination, and on line processed indexes/calculations.
The present version of the project makes it possible to consult sensor information in near-real time, as well as the other processed calculations/indexes, through a web dashboard that includes as primary elements both a 2D map (based on Leaflet)(link1), as well as a 3D map (based on CesiumJS)(link2, link3).


Day: 2016-08-24
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Rhine Lobby