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lecture: The economics of bringing a new geo product to market by leveraging open standards, FOSS and FOSS4G

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The cloud and open source software have fueled a wave of innovation that has enabled both large and small companies to bring products to market more easily and with less cost and friction than ever before. This talk will describe our journey to bringing such a new product to market. In 2014 Google began selling its high resolution imagery and purchasers received the data as large buckets of files deployed within Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP). This opened a requirement for high performance serving of that imagery via the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) WMS and WMTS standards. This talk will describe the process of a small company developing this image serving technology by both incorporating and contributing to open source and geo open source initiatives. The talk will describe the market opportunity for the new product as well as the business case that led us to choosing an open source approach even for something that is ultimately sold. The talk will also describe the Node.js technical approach that was chosen and the array of geo tools, such as Mapnik and PostGIS, and other open javascript frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Handlebars.js, etc.) that underpin the solution. The talk will also highlight our development team’s open source contributions back to projects and the community. The talk will conclude with a description of the lightweight server and its features that enable an “imagery as a service” business model that daily serves hundreds of users in Utah and Texas.


Day: 2016-08-25
Start time: 11:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Tunnel