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lecture: MapFish Print 3: Reporting meets maps

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Generating reports is an important feature in many web-mapping applications. MapFish Print 3 is an interesting tool for this job. The project MapFish Print project consists of a Java library and a web application for generating reports with maps from many different raster and vector sources, like WMS, WMTS, tile services, WFS or GeoJSON.

The integration with the reporting engine JasperReports facilitates the creation of complex reports. A WYSIWYG report designer makes it easy to layout report templates and to position tables, graphics, diagrams, sub-reports, maps or map components like scale-bars or legends.

This talk introduces MapFish Print 3 and addresses the following topics:

  • The architecture of MapFish Print 3

  • The configuration of report templates

  • Using the report designer

  • Examples for complex reports

  • JavaScript libraries that ease the integration with OpenLayers projects

  • Upgrade from the previous version

  • New features and current developments

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Day: 2016-08-26
Start time: 12:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Plenary Office