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lecture: How GIS-friendly are Graph Databases today?

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In the crowd of NoSQL data storage solutions that support spatial data, graph databases are one of the more fascinating technologies. Their data model is easy to understand and provides a high flexibility for handling deeply nested relationships.

In this session I will introduce different case studies where graph databases have been used in research projects at Beuth University:
As an integration layer for querying metadata of different data stores (Neo4j) [1].
As a routing engine (part of the Smart Data Project ExCELL (Neo4j) [2]).
As a plattform for generic mapping of standardized OGC data models (e.g. SensorML, CityGML) (Neo4j, ArangoDB, Jsonix) (running master thesis).

We will discuss the strengths and drawbacks of each approach in order to give a proper answer to the talk's title.


[2],property=pdf,bereich=bmwi2012,sprache=de,rwb=true.pdf [page 8]


Day: 2016-08-24
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Plenary Chamber