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lecture: Durable geospatial data and the budding open-source ecosystem driving it

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Too often geospatial data is treated in an ephemeral manner. Its metadata is missing, it is hard to find, and usually it is not preserved. Stanford University Libraries presents an approach for preservation, access, and discovery of geospatial data and maps in a digital repository. This community approach uses a sustainable, collaborative ecosystem of existing open-source software projects and standards, while also developing new FOSS4G tools to fill gaps. These new tools include GeoBlacklight and OpenGeoMetadata. Presented topics will include an overview of geospatial data in a digital repository, an introduction to the tools that make it possible, a live demonstration, and discussion about the role of libraries and repositories within the FOSS4G community.

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Day: 2016-08-25
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Plenary Office